Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Messy Girls!

This morning, Brenda was working on sending a package to a friend when the she noticed that the girls were a giggling and a little too quiet. She found them in the main Bathroom playing with an entire container of Diaperrash cream. This container in a pound (16oz.) and they have almost half of it on themselves. Brenda was...not amused. It is funny, but messy!

Halloween Pumkins

The day before Halloween, Brenda's brother, Brian, came down for a visit. He brought a drop-clothe with him, and he helped the kids carve their first pumpkin. It was cleaner than you would have though with three small kids. The kids seemed to like stirring the 'guts' with spoons, but didn't enjoy handling it with their hands. Heidi was the exception and ate the 'guts' seeds and all. It made for some interesting diapers. We were glad that Brian could join us. It's so great to live near him, and to be able to do things with him.

Pulling his weight

Hyrum decided to pull his weight around the house by helping Mom clean up after breakfast. That is why he is still in his P.J.'s. He is scrubbing yogurt of the table after he and his sister ate it fro breakfast with Cheerios. They like yogurt instead of milk on their cereal. He really loves to help any way he can. He is so cute!