Sunday, April 18, 2010


This is David's son, He is SO proud!

Caroline is So cute!

Here is Grandpa Ard pushing the kids around. They loved it.

Heidi is SO cute!

Hatfield marine science center

While David was on break, we went to the coast and visited the Hatfield marine science center at Newport, OR. It is actually part of OSU. It was a lot of fun, and the kids loved it.

I think this was a Sea Lion. It is HUGE! It must be at least 7 feet long.

This is two-man submarine. I can't even imagine it holding one man.

This is an Orca skull. It looks more like an alligator to me!

There is a turtle under the rock ledge. You can barely see it, but Caroline sure thought it was interesting.

More sea critters to pet, and sea water to drink! (It was fun trying to stop her)

The kids got to pet a flounder, and other sea creatures.

Oregon State University visit!

We went on a trip to OSU to see where David goes to school. It is a beautiful campus, and now we know that David isn't making this up. We hope that he gets into Pharmacy school here.

Salem and Science

We all went to the A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village in Salem when David had a week off of school. The Kids loved it! There were tons of activities to enjoy. The bubble room was a big hit. The giant rocking chair was fun, but some people were tired and needed a nap by the time we got around to taking pictures.

Aunt Debra

Last Quarter, David's youngest sibling, Debra, came to visit for a month and to help around the house while David studied and got good grades. The kids loved her, and she did great with the kids.