Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life Update

We know that we haven't written in a while, but here is a brief summary of our lives.

1. David-He is attending Oregon State University. He is still accepted to Union University School of Pharmacy. He will start in August.

2. Brenda- Pregnant with our 2nd son. She went into premature labor a few weeks ago, but it was stopped. She is on partial bedrest, but everybody is okay. It will probably be a June baby.

3. Caroline- She loves preschool. She is learning to read and write. Caroline and her siblings got new bunk beds. They really enjoy them.

4. Heidi- She loves to play with her siblings. She is very good at talking and helping others.

5. Hyrum- He loves school. He is learning to talk and interact with others around him. He loves to see how things work. He has shorted out our heaters by putting things in them. He also loves keys and is trying to see how locks and doors work.