Monday, September 7, 2009

Silver Falls-Labor Day!

Silver Falls is a State Park that has a series of waterfalls in it. There was also a lot of hiking, camping, and picnic areas. We only went to one of the many waterfalls because of time/children. It was great, and we all had lots of fun. It was great to spend Labor Day with our family and Uncle Brian (Brenda's older brother). Here is Brenda and Caroline on the trail. It sure was beautiful
This is a picture of the falls from the bottom. The trail actually goes behind the falls, and it is a magnificent site.

This is the same waterfall only from higher on the hill. It is hard to really appreciate the size of the thing without being right up next to it.

This is Uncle Brian. He came down from Portland to visit and to spend Labor with us at the park. It was lots of fun having him around. He was a big help.

This is the Ard's eating at our picnic area. It was great. We had salads, sandwiches, chips, juice, and deviled eggs. It was a lot of fun, and the kids loved it!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hyrum's First Haircut!

David cut Hyrum's hair this week. It was hard, since he kept trying to see what we were doing. In the end, it turned out well. He matches David very well.

Heidi's eye's are bigger than her stomach!

Our wild animal!

Hyrum is in touch with his wild side!

Super Heidi!

Unknown to the common citizen, Lebanon has a masked crusader! Her disguise is flawless!

Milk Time!

Heidi was drinking a bottle of milk on the couch, so Hyrum climbed up and decided that she had the right idea and he joined her.

Now in Oregon!

We are now in Oregon! We arrived a month ago, and now we are finally getting settled. David's job didn't work out, and now he is in the market for a job. He has had several interviews with places like Safeway, FedEx Express, and Good Samaritan Health Services. Nothing has come out of them so far, but some of the jobs have not decided yet.